Cutter Decks

Most Countax tractors are fitted with standard size collecting cutter decks. Different sizes and mulching decks are available. Choose the cutter deck to suit your requirements. A Countax authorised dealer will be able to advise you on which deck is the best option for your grounds.

mini_combi_deckCut and collect or mulch with just one deck. This deck is made for the C350H Mini model and uses the same blade for mulching and rear discharge cutting, simply by fitting/removing the mulching adapter.

twin_blade_deckExclusively for the C500H, the twin blade deck offers exceptional grass cutting performance thanks to two razor sharp blades. Once the grass has been cut, the blades throw the clippings to the rear of the deck for collection with the powered grass collector.
combi_deckOur Combi deck can be used as a mulcher or rear discharge cutter, offering a two-for-one function within just one deck – providing the best of both worlds. The rear discharge cutter option, when teamed with our legendary Powered Grass Collector (PGC), provides one of the best cut and collect systems in the world, and creates the classic striped lawn finish. Alternatively, the Combi deck when used to mulch, provides fast, collection-free mowing. The key to this deck’s versatility is that fitting and removal of the mulching adapter is a tool-free operation – removal of the deck is not necessary.
high_grass_mulching_deckIn areas where you have long and rough grass to cut, the Countax High Grass Mulching deck is the answer. It will easily and quickly convert an area of tussocky grass, brambles and high nettles into a neat paddock, and make light work of clearing the tallest weeds in an overgrown orchard. The High Grass Mulching deck will quickly tidy up any area of rough grass and can even be used to cut a fine lawn, making it extremely versatile. Countax is the only garden tractor manufacturer making a High Grass Mulching deck of this type.